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When searching for Web Design Staffordshire in your search engine, it can seem as though it is full of web design companies that will deliver you a website. They all offer the same tool of the website but how you use it makes all the difference. But what does the right Web Design Company for your project look like?

You must consider the usability of the website; not just for your clients but for yourself. It is important that you can both utilise and update the information on your website freely. A website should be your 24/7 sales representative to promote who you are and what you do. It is your digital storefront and with 90% of adults in the UK being recent we users, it is too big of an opportunity to miss. A website that is built on Wordpress has the ability to look great and also be accessable with only a small amount of training and practice!

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We believe that a truly great website should be built on the 3 foundations of Research, Implement and Monitor.

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Researching with you Web Design Company

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This should always be your first step when building a website or blog post. Without research, how would you know where your potential clients are looking? It is always important to remember that your potential client does not yet know who you are. All they know is that they have a need for an outside agency or business to help solve their problem.

We always recommend to our clients spending at least 30 minutes researching. Just take one day sitting down with a cup of coffee (or tea) and imagine that you are your client. What would they be searching for? If they needed flowers for a wedding, a sensible answer would be that they would be searching for “Wedding Florist” on their search engine like Google. Once you have found a keyphrase that you believe your clients would be searching for, look at the bottom of your Google search. Here are a few related searches that your client may be looking at. By doing this it will give you a hint of what else they may be searching for.

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We understand that finding the time to do this can be hard, but research is essential to ensure your website is working as hard as it can be in your favour. If you do struggle to find the time for this task, there are individuals who are specialist. They can help in finding the right spot on the web for you.

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Zoogly Media

When clients in the past have struggled to find this time, we have pointed them to two specialists. We have, and continue to suggest, Giles Metcalfe and Andrew Holland as we believe in their service. They can help provide you with an in-depth understanding of where you should be sitting on search engines. This will help get the most amount of relevant traffic to your website.

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Implementing your Web Design

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Once you’ve decided where your website should be sitting on search engines, it’s time to make it come to life. We build all our websites on a Wordpress core. It is a great platform for blogging (we’ll revisit this) and allows you access to the website.

We’ll organise a meeting with you at our office just 10 miles from Stoke-on-Trent to talk about what you want back from your website. This will include what look and feel you are aiming for. Whether it is an online shop with a Victoriana styling or a way to advertise your services in a minimalistic way, our lead designer will have something that is just right for you. At this point, we encourage feedback on the initial design so that we can ensure that we nail the design just the way you want it.

Once you have signed off the sample page, as if by Wordpress magic, your site is ready to go! Well, a little more work goes into it than magic. We build templates ready to be used by you on pages and posts that you build after the page has gone live. We’ll make sure that everything technical in the background is ticking and keeping your website up and running. This includes testing that the website responds well to all platforms and difference browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari.

Just Keep Blogging!

Blog, blog and blog some more! It’s key to making sure that your website is performing at it’s best. Without blogging, there becomes little fresh content on your website and this could hinder where you are showing up in search results. Even though you get a bundle of training whenever you receive a website from us, we understand that finding the time to blog and ensure that it is optimised can be time consuming. At The Capture Factory, we offer a hosting package that allows you to take advantage of our in-house SEO knowledge. We will post the blogs on your behalf alongside optimising them to ensure they are hitting where you want to appear on search engines. All you need to send us is the content!

Our latest example of one of our client’s great blogs is Jon Cruttenden’s. After putting in time each week to his blog, Jon is now seeing the results of his weeks of work! Click the button below to see his page.

Jon's Blog

Jon Cruttenden blog

Monitoring your results within Staffordshire

Google Analytics at The Capture Factory

Your first blog has gone live but it is not the time to stop. We explain our websites as a machine; if you keep feeding in content at one end, the website will keep ticking and delivering the products at the other. How do you know that your blog hitting the right spot for you? Well, you need to monitor it. Monitoring your keyphrase means that you can see where your blog is ranking on Google.

The most important thing to understand about the monitoring process is that whatever results you get from your analytics, always use the information to progress your website. If you are seeing a return on investment through a certain keyword, it is a great idea to keep pushing it higher on Google’s listings with relevant blogs.

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The Wordpress Way for Web Design Staffordshire

Wordpress websites are a great option for those who are prepared to put a little care and attention. When used correctly, putting just a few hours a week into blogging and keeping your website up to date can give you great results. From building brand reputation to an increase in sales, it's well within reach. We believe in giving you the tools to build a stand out web presence alongside guidance on how to use them.

What makes The Capture Factory a stand out Web Design Company is that you have control. You want to build a new page? You have the knowledge to. Need to update a phone number or address? You have the knowledge to. Do you need to update the images on your homepage? You have the knowledge to. Your website, with practice, will become an integral part of marketing your business.

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If you don’t feel as though your website is working hard enough for you or just that you’d like to have more control over it, please get in contact with us. Please click the link below and fill in the contact form. Our office is just 10 miles from Stoke-on-Trent.

Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have and begin your online journey.

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