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More Than Just Design

Our Digital Project Coordinator thoroughly enjoyed working on this website. 4 Paws 4 Pets brought along numerous images of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. The Media Library was heaven for animal lovers!

For this project we collaborated with More Than Just Design, a Marketing Agency in Keele, who produced the website design. Once the design was agreed, we then began to develop the website based on this visual.

The way we build websites is very simple. Your website is split up into Sections. Each Section of your website is created and saved as a Template. Therefore, the Templates can be used throughout the website and the layout stays the same.

More Than Just Design

Get Social

So…if we produce a Section that has 2 columns of text, our clients can then reinsert this Section as a Template. They can change the text and images within the Section.

With 4 Paws 4 Pets Kate required a Section that advertised her Facebook Pages. Most of her clients find her and communicate with her through this social media platform. For Kate, using Facebook is a huge part of her business.

We created her a new section that showed her Facebook Feed and included a Follow button so users could easily keep up-to-date with Kate’s expeditions. Kate has the ability to include this Section on any of her pages, wherever she likes.

What is social media?

Corporate Email

At 4 Paws, they previously hosted their email with the old website. The bog-standard email system was outdated and a poor solution for a business or company. The usability and functionality was not corporate grade. After talking to Kate about Office 365 she realised that switching would greatly benefit her business. The Microsoft email offered a number of upgrades including an online calendar, online contacts and 50 GB storage. It also integrates with OfficeSuite nicely.

The email can now be easily managed by Kate and email addresses can be added without hassle. Office 365 is great for any business, small or large or growing.

4 Paws Website

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