Absolute Group

Improved Simplicity

When Absolute came to The Capture Factory in 2013, their business was made up of 4 different recruitment agencies: Absolute Recruitment, Absolute Health & Care, Meadowbank Recruitment and Bralin Recruitment.

The business already had websites developed for each agency but the owner required a simpler Content Management System (CMS) to manage his companies in a more efficient way. We suggested using WordPress because the simplistic backend editor would allow the business to upload new jobs within a few clicks. The Capture Factory suggested using WordPress Posts to advertise the recruitment agency’s new jobs.

Absolute Group Website

Website Design & Development

We rebuilt Absolute Group’s websites inside WordPress. The company could now delegate a person or persons to post new jobs using WordPress Posts. The process was completed in the backend editor of the website which could be managed by anyone who had been given the WordPress Training.

However, time management still needed to be improved. It was taking too long to manage all four agencies on different websites. Absolute Group’s next stage was to combine all their agencies into one website for easier management. We designed and developed a new, modern looking website that creatively integrated all of Absolute’s agencies into one great website.

Websites Design & Development

Web Design Staffordshire

To encourage their consultants to post jobs onto the new website, we built a frontend posting tool. The simple form takes the consultants through a step by step guide to create a new job post. The main aim was to streamline the process, making posting jobs more efficient.

The consultants can now post their own jobs onto the website. After filling in all the information in the spaces provided, the post is automatically created into a standardised layout. The simplified process creates a controlled design which has made it easier for consultants to post new jobs.

Because the frontend tool is so uncomplicated, Absolute ensure all their consultants can post new jobs online.

Web Design Staffordshire

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