Al Johnston Photography

Unique Branding

Al Johnston Photography covers event photography predominantly for a number of equine disciplines, agricultural and rural events. He has spent all his life living and working in a rural environment.

When Al Johnston first approached The Capture Factory, he needed a logo to represent his brand. He wanted a clean, bold graphic with his initials incorporated within it. Al required a logo that was recognisable yet stood out from the number of other photographers within the country. Something that could express his name as well as his trade was a necessity.

After discussing with our designer, Al worked with us to produce his perfect logo. The final design integrates Al’s initials with a graphic of a camera. The lasting look appears to be a camera on a tripod which fit in excellently with Al’s profession.

Branding your Business

Get your Business Online!

Al Johnston also wanted a fully integrated web shop to get his business online.

The e-commerce shop had specific needs because of Al’s profession. It was important for Al to be able to upload bulk pictures to his web shop. He usually developed 400-500 images at each event. He would upload these a week after the event for people to look through and buy.

Al had to have a website built on a diverse platform to be able to cope with all the different events he attends. It needed to be able to do the whole job.

With our website solution, Al can easily upload and sell his images without the need of a developer to constantly edit his website. Since his website has gone live in December, Al has been regularly updating his website without any hassle.

Al Johnston’s Webiste

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