The Capture Factory answers ‘What is a CMS?’

Question: What is a CMS (Content Management System)?

The term Content Management System describes a tool that stores content in a database. As a result, this database can be used to create and manage online content without having to touch the code! CMS’s are great because you can control your website. No errors are caused by webmasters making the updates you want. It also means the code cannot be damaged in the process. Therefore CMS’s are a safer and easier way to edit online content.

But what is a CMS used for?

what is cms

The Benefits of a CMS

First of all, a Content Management System allows your employees to take control of your digital content. It provides users with access to certain areas of the organisations online resources. Most CMS’s have an administration area where you can edit your content, create pages, build site navigation and add functionality. This admin area is accessible through any browser. Hence, you can work on your site anywhere, as long as you have internet connection. Your content can be updated and edited even after the initial publication, and these revision controls also track any changes made by the individuals.

Furthermore, Content Management Systems are beneficial as they allow users to create a well-designed website quickly and easily. Pages are created by adding your desired content to a template, choosing one depending on the look you desire and the needs of your website. For this, certain sites have built-in templates that are available. However, they may also offers the option to create your own design. In other CMS’s it is a necessity for you to design your own page structure.

CMS's for Business

What is a CMS platform?

At The Capture Factory we use WordPress to build our websites. This CMS platform is based on PHP and MySQL and is extremely popular amongst bloggers. The Content Management System can be utilised as part of an internet hosting service, or it can be deployed on a local computer to act as its own web server.

What is a CMS capable of?

WordPress can manage site navigation, and is capable of automating the process of building complex internal applications. A great feature of CMS’s is that users can search for posts by attributes such as publication dates, keywords or author, making the posts very easy to access. Most noteworthy is the ability to easily change content…

What is a CMS website like?

By using WordPress, we ensure your website is easy to control. We teach you how to edit your content, no coding skills required. WordPress helps us to develop websites that are not restrictive and are uncomplicated to use. Therefore you don’t need to hire a developer to update your online content!

In conclusion, you can save time and money.

what a is cms
what is a cms
what is a cms

How we use WordPress for your Business

Before creating the website, you need to consider your businesses size and geographical dispersion. WordPress provides the capability for multiple users with different permission levels to manage content, data or information. The Capture Factory would need to know how many people would be using the CMS, and whether it would need to be multilingual.

We can’t express enough how much WordPress is simple to use and administer, and amazingly powerful once you start looking into plugins. Some people may express concerns with this CMS as it could be considered to be bland, but with our effort and hard work (and some plugins) we can make your website look amazing and professional.

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