Blue Diamond Riley Services

Be Unique!

Blue Diamond Riley Services Limited (formerly known as Blue Diamond Services) has remained one of the leading ‘go-to’ destinations for pre-war Riley’s for nearly forty years.

The Capture Factory have produced a number of products for Blue Diamond in the past including Branding, Website and Photography. Blue Diamond approached us with the idea of advertising their brand on their work’s van. This van is used to deliver parts and attend shows. Therefore this van did an enormous amount of miles. The owners recognised this as a great opportunity to brand their vehicle and showcase their company.

Professional Photography

Blue Diamond Vehicle Wrap

The wrap needed to be eye-catching while supporting their quality brand. The finished design should make an impact and be noticed.

The Capture Factory had to be clever when creating the rear part of the van. It needed to look as if the back doors of the vehicle were open, showing a vintage Riley car inside. Our designer had to create the perfect perspective.

On the sides of the van is the Blue Diamond logo. We decided to make this logo as large as possible. However, this positioning meant that the logo stretches across the window, but M&M Signs and Graphics were able to maintain visibility.

The vintage vehicle that appears at the back of the van was photographed by The Capture Factory on a white background. We then had to find another van to shoot the interior because the new long wheel base Volkswagen Transporter was not yet brought!

The graphic that forms the floor also needed to be created. This was then all placed together to form the image you see on the back of the van today.

Design for Print

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