Bright Canary

A new world online!

Bright Canary is an independent consultancy based in the Midlands, specialising in professional search and selection recruitment services. They have the capabilities to recruit and advise for any position in any sector. It was important for them to have an online presence that enabled them to advertise their current vacancies.

The recruitment agency needed a quick and simple solution for advertising the positions they have available. It needed to be editable by computer literate individuals, but who had no experience with website development. The client wanted to be able to use their website themselves, so they could post jobs online immediately.

Bright Canary’s idea was to base the website on their corporate identity.

Bright Canary Website

Clear & Consistent Branding

The Capture Factory decided to take a modern approach to the design of their website by using tiles within the layout. This current trend ensures the website looks contemporary, clean and informative.

Our designer used the bright, strong, bold colours within the boxes to catch the eye. The colours used reflected the Bright Canary branding. The design also incorporates the brand by repeating the ‘B’ within the top grey box. Multiple phrases are animated to replace each other, and each of them begin with ‘Be’.

To populate the homepage, The Capture Factory had to produce 3 photos to fill in boxes such as ‘Latest News’ and ‘About Us’. Our photographer used props and models to create the perfect images.

The graphic approach towards the website design allows Bright Canary to appear uncomplicated, creating a great user experience for those searching for jobs.


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