Branding Jenkinsons Caterers

Designing a logo is more than just applying a pretty picture to your company name.

Your company logo is often the first impression you make on potential customers, so you need to make sure it’s a good one.

A good company logo goes a long way towards reassuring potential customers that you’re a well-established firm who means business. Your customers see hundreds of logos every day, and they know a good one when they see it.

When The Capture Factory were designing a logo for Jenkinsons Caterers, we were conscious that it needed to look good across all media types; on their website, in print, on their vehicles, the staff uniforms, letterheads etc.


Building Your Brand

We believe a good logo should be easy for you to use everywhere. If you can incorporate it across every aspect of your business communications, it will work harder for you. If your message is consistent, and your potential customers see your logo frequently, they’re more likely to remember it and think of you when they need your type of services.

When we’re designing a logo, we’ll ask you about; what you stand for, your company values, and how you wish to be perceived. Designing a logo is part of building your brand, your logo should communicate more than just your name.

A good logo will help differentiate you from your competition and, if you’re selling high quality products or services, your customers expect you to have a high quality logo.

We Take Things One Step Further

After a consultation with the management team at Jenkinsons Caterers, we came up with a number of initial suggestions and ideas of where we could take their logo. We left them to ‘live with’ the top five logos to see which they were most drawn to. Once they’d identified their favourite, we worked on that design until it was perfect.

But we didn’t stop there; we also designed an ident for them too. The ident compliments the full logo, and can be used in various scenarios where the full logo might be too much. Jenkinsons Caterers use their ident on the staff ties and certain promotional items, and it works beautifully.

Branding your Business

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