Caro Millington: Bridal Hair and Make Up Artist

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Caro Millington is a mobile bridal hair stylist and wedding makeup artist in Cheshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire. As a professional, Caro aims to give her clients the look they have always dreamt of, captured forever in time on their wedding photographs for years to come.

Caro was struggling to use her old website; the design did not suit her polished makeup and hair skills, and the functionality was severely lacking. For her, the new website must reflect her brand and be easily usable for her to take control and promote herself.

The overall aim was to improve the look of her product and services. To do this, Caro needed a new website packed with professional photography.

Professional Photography
Hair and Makeup Website Photography

Professional look and feel

Hair and Makeup Website Photography

To begin with, The Capture Factory sourced and shot a model in our studio. We invited Caro to prepare the model, giving her a makeover to showcase what Caro was capable of. We then captured multiple images of Caro’s hair and makeup. After post-production, these images were optimised and could be added to the website.

The website was designed and developed, using a mixture of The Capture Factory’s professional photography and other images sourced from wedding photographers that have taken images of Caro’s work.

Take a look at the finished website to see how professional photography can enhance your website.

View the Website

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