Content Writer vs Copywriter for SEO Articles

A Basic Overview: Content Writer vs Copywriter

Defining Content Writer vs Copywriter

These terms may seem to be describing the same thing because, at first glance, they are both essentially writers. However, these jobs require different types of writing techniques in order to achieve their aim.

The main distinction between a content writer vs copywriter is the purpose. Content writing allows you to pass on information to your customers in an entertaining way, encouraging them to engage with the brand. Copywriting on the other hand means writing for advertising or marketing purposes, revealing the greatness about your brand.

content writer vs copywriter seo articles
content writer vs copywriter seo articles

History of Content Writer vs Copywriter

The term ‘copywriting’ has been around since the early 1900’s and is all about selling. This writing style persuades someone to do something. Content writing is just about writing something, anything. The phrase came to be about two decades ago, along with: website, hyperlink and dot-com. This newly coined term describes a type of writing with more journalistic ability, usually used for blogs and articles.

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What is a Copywriter?

Copywriting is writing for advertising. Copywriters can create adverts to make the audience do something; click a link, make a call, visit a shop. The main goal is to sell. This style of writing has great power as it can engage an audience, evoke emotions and create a personal connection; it is a great marketing strategy! It’s all about the words they use in copy. It’s imperative that your copy tells the audience why your brand matters which will entice your audience into action. You need to include copywriting into your online content to achieve sales.

Copywriting is not everything. Focusing on only including this writing style in your website will not work because you can’t always sell. The more you sell, the more your audience is going to reject you. Unless you connect with your audience in the right manner, you cannot build trust in your brand.

How to write more effective copy:

  • Write attractive headlines
  • Use clear, direct words
  • Aim to inspire your audience to take action
  • Build up trust in your brand
  • Avoid being pompous
  • Avoid archaism, jargon, slang, clichés, etc
  • Do not exaggerate

What is a Content Writer?

The main objective of content writing is to help the audience understand your brand and generate interest, unlike copywriting where the aim is to sell. A content writer can craft and tell a story, or deliver valuable information in an understandable way. This style of writing can be used in pieces of text such as SEO articles, blog posts, newspaper pieces, magazine features, whitepapers, ect. Content writers need to take into consideration keywords, meta descriptions, and how shares and links in the piece of writing will amplify the content.

As stated before, content writers are more journalistic in nature, producing longer pieces containing more intricate details. While copywriting aims to sell, content writing is used to attract potential customers and educate them about your products/services.

How to write good content:

  • Write your content with the correct elements, i.e. purpose, structure, form, etc.
  • The essence of content should be a rich experience
  • Say it straight and be clear
  • Back up your arguments
  • Build trust among audience with your content

Websites and SEO Articles

Although a content writer vs copywriter have slightly different responsibilities, it’s essential to include both writing styles when building your website. Together, content writers and copywriters help to build traffic, create relationships with customers and build your brand. Words are your most effective tool when presenting your brand online. To generate effective digital marketing, you need to incorporate copywriting into your content writing.

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content writer vs copywriter seo articles