Jenkinsons Caterers Photography

Convince potential customers that you’re right for the job by sharing great pictures of your company in action.

Images are powerful. By showing what you can do you’re instantly reinforcing your sales message. Jenkinsons Caterers of Stafford were keen to highlight their Corporate Catering service and chose us to shoot photographs of an awards dinner they were catering for at The King’s Hall, Stoke.

Professional Photography
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Event Photography

We have experience shooting photography for events across Staffordshire and particularly enjoy this type of busy, adrenaline fuelled event which shows your business performing at its best.

At this particular event it was important that the photography captured Jenkinsons’ ‘service with a smile’ and the incredible precision catering which results in a delicious meal being served simultaneously to over 150 guests.

We took the opportunity to have a quick word with the staff at their pre-event briefing so that everyone knew who we were and what we were trying to achieve. They were encouraged to go about their business as normal, and to smile if they happened to notice the camera pointing at them!

Upstairs, Downstairs!

Upstairs, downstairs, front of house, back of house. Good event photography is about getting some great pictures of your staff demonstrating their skills across all aspects of the event.

For Jenkinsons Caterers this meant capturing how beautifully the staff had dressed the dining tables, how expertly the kitchen staff prepared the food, and how professionally the waiting staff served the dishes.

Observation, Not Intrusion

Event Photography is about capturing real-life moments as they happen. We don’t stage anything but we do look out for the best angles, the perfect opportunities, and the stunning backdrops for your images.

We try very hard not to get in anyone’s way during an event and we’ll always insist our clients to have their customer’s permission to photograph the event. If at all possible, we like to introduce ourselves to the event organiser and get them excited about what we’re trying to achieve.

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