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The possibilities are endless

Google 360, or Google Business View, is the perfect way to increase the visibility of your website. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, with Google 360 tours you can present your premises in a unique and interesting way.

Google 360 is a virtual tour that lets a customer inside your business from the comfort of their own home; it’s the perfect way to show off your premises. Your visitors will love being in control of the virtual tour experience. This will help your customers engage with your business, creating a fun and interactive service and bringing your company’s work space to life.

As well as helping your customers find you, Google Maps uses Street View technology to display what your business has to offer. The 360-degree tour can creatively inform and educate your visitors about your business thus presenting your establishment in the best light.

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google 360
google 360

The benefits of Google 360

These virtual tours allow customers to take a tour around your business while online. Google 360 reveals every angle, so your visitors get a real feel for the business before they even visit. This service is available on phone, tablet and desktop; and the tours can be made available for almost any property. A huge benefit to these 360-degree tours is that it doesn’t require a website. This is because of the ‘Google Maps’ service, it automatically sits on Google+ with your Google Business Card.

Google is widely used for their Maps which gives clients easy access to location, setting and environment. They can also virtually walk around the street that your business is situated. Now with Google 360, we can take this service inside. Google Business View offers huge benefits to your business and makes a big impact on the customers. Virtual tours are an added sales message to show someone more about your business.

Take a tour anywhere before you make a decision about visiting in person.

For a business...

Previously we have produced the Google 360 tour for Jasmine Cottage. We were able to create a stunning virtual tour that allowed potential visitors of the holiday cottage to see where they are going to stay, and give them the confidence to book online.

Jasmine Cottage’s Virtual Tour
google 360
google 360

For Education...

This service can also be massively influential for education. We created a Google 360 tour for Redhill Primary School that allows parents to get a feel of the school. This helps them to understand the school better, and know where their children are going to be staying every day.

Redhill Primary’s Virtual Tour

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