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Great Websites Responsive Design & Development

Digital Shop Window

At The Capture Factory we understand your website needs to work for you. A good website should invite your customers to interact with it, and you. It is your digital shop window! We’ll help you identify and focus your key business message, and suggest ways in which to communicate this effectively to your customers.

Our starting point is always your customer:

  • What do they want from your website?
  • What do they need to know?
  • What will motivate them to pick up the phone?

Every business is different. You may want your website to attract new customer enquiries, increase online sales, or be a platform for communication. The Capture Factory team will take the time to discover what the primary aim of your website is. We work with you to develop a user friendly, fresh, functional, design-led website that delivers.

Great Websites that Work

Mobile Responsive
As well as looking great, your website will function effortlessly across a full range of mobile devices. This means the website will adjust according to the device it is seen on, ensuring the website is perfect on every size screen.

Easy to Navigate
We’ll develop an intuitive site map, so your customers can always find what they want easily. It is important to keep your website simple in order to not confuse your viewers and potential customers.

Beautifully Designed
Whether you want a simple online brochure to showcase your business, or a bespoke website that’s fully integrated into your business operations. Here at The Capture Factory we’ll design it with care, creating great websites for your business.

Great Websites Responsive Design & Development

WordPress Great Websites Responsive Design & Development

Take Control

We build our great websites using WordPress because it’s an incredibly flexible platform. A WordPress website can start small, then grow and evolve as your business grows. It’s perfect for simple, one page websites as well as being ideal for large websites with a number of complex features.

It’s incredibly easy to keep your website content up-to-date using WordPress. We’ll provide introductory training on how to manage your CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to publish and edit your website’s content quickly and easily. You don’t need to be an experienced programmer to make changes to your content. If you can use a Word Document, then updating your website will be effortless. This saves you time as well as money because you won’t need a developer to make the straightforward changes.

WordPress is also very SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly. It’s no good having great websites if no one can find them!

Why Use WordPress for Websites?

E-Commerce Websites

Online retail sales are predicted to reach £230.62bn in the UK this year, a 14.2% increase on 2016 when the total stood at £201.90bn.* We can help you claim your bite of this increasingly juicy cherry.

We’ll design the perfect e-commerce shop for your business using proven, and reliable e-commerce platforms that meet your customers’ needs quickly, reliably and securely.

* figures come from a study conducted by RetailMeNot and the Centre for Retail Research

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