Higgins Plumbing

Professional Web Design

Higgins Plumbing required a new website design to keep up-to-date with their competitors and improve the overall look of the business. The web design needed to look advanced and systematic, informing the users that Higgins is not your typical household plumber.

The company’s previous website was unresponsive and lacked any layout. We used WordPress to create their website, ensuring their new design was responsive and clean. We wanted to give Higgins something that could be easily edited and maintained by them, so we trained their employees on how to use the Content Management System.

Higgins: Website

Graphic Design

Higgins Plumbing needed to look professional, and therefore our designer decided to keep the use of images to a minimum. The lack of photographs gives a clean, polished look and feel to the website, while also ensuring the text is the sole focus.

To make sure the viewers did not get bored of the content easily, we included various graphics throughout the pages. A splash of water can be seen in the background to split up the paragraphs of text into easily digestible chunks.

Website Design

Effective Company Branding

Their final website ensures the Higgins brand is noticeable everywhere you look.

The logo is strategically placed throughout the pages. It can be located to the left of the menu in the fixed header. It is then used in the yellow dividers that are scattered around the pages. The ‘H’ has also been used in the testimonials section, placed above each quotation.

We also made sure to stick to the specific colours of yellow, black and grey. These are the colours we decided to use to form their corporate colour palette. They can be found all around the website such as the background, font, icons and buttons. All the ‘Contact Us’ buttons are coloured yellow to make these stand out from the rest, encouraging the users to get in touch.

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