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Our latest website design project was for Howle Communications, a specialist in PR and media services. The business heavily focuses on producing news articles for various media platforms and creating opportunities for companies to become visible in the news. So, when The Capture Factory were faced with creating a visual for the website, our designer decided to base the plan on a traditional newspaper layout.

We decided to keep the overall look clean and simple, using minimal colours and fonts throughout the website. The formal appearance ensures viewers can relate the website with a typical newspaper. Take a look at Howle’s website by clicking the button below.

Howle Communications

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Nigel Howle needed a new website as his previous design was not mobile responsive, therefore his viewers struggled to read it on different devices. With many more people choosing to browse the internet on their phones and tablets, it’s of great importance to have a website that looks good and works well across all screens.

It is also important for that content to be easily sharable on modern forms of communication. On Howle Communication’s website, we developed social media buttons so Howle’s articles can be easily shared.

Although the original plan was to create a newspaper look and feel for the website, The Capture Factory developed sections which reflected a more digital appeal. The newspaper design can be seen in the masthead, and laying out the text in columns. Because Howle uses words to communicate, his website is heavily text focused. However, we have attempted to visualise his services using pictures.

Congratulations to Nigel, the owner of the business, who has been running Howle Communications for 10 years! We look forward to joining you for the Big Birthday Bash. We’re sure it’s going to be a hoot!

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