Howsons Accountants

Forward Thinking

Howsons are long-established accountants with a forward-thinking attitude. They came to The Capture Factory wanting a new website design to keep up with modern websites and to make them stand out from traditional looking websites. They needed a new website that reflected their brand and values.

Their previous website could not be easily edited in-house. The Capture Factory were hired to design and develop a new website that could be edited simply by anyone within the agency. The content management system (CMS) we use is called WordPress. Our simple solution allows you to take control of your website.

We designed the website with a Superfly Menu. The minimalistic menu stays static in the top right hand corner of the website. Users have to click the icon to view the menu items. It is fully responsive; meaning it works on all devices.

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Increased Visibility

We recommend to all our clients to write blogs. Blogs are posts that are published onto your website regularly, keeping your viewers up-to-date with the latest news. Keeping your website updated will enhance your SEO which will increase your website’s visibility. If you want to learn more about SEO, visit our blog by clicking here!

With Howsons, they have both Industry News and Howsons News. The accountants do not have the time to dedicate to writing blogs regularly, therefore keep their website updated with generic industry news instead.

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Portrait Photography

Howsons Accountants also wanted a Team Page where their customers could learn more about the company and the employees. They wanted to show potential clients that they are real people. Our photographer visited Howsons in Stoke to take some portraits of the employees in their working environment.

In post-production, these images were edited to make them fit in better with the website’s design. A filter was applied to all the photographs to make them look blue-tinted. You can see the outcome on their Meet The Team page.

Howsons Accountants Website

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