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The 10 Ironbridge Gorge Museums receive over 545,000 visitors per annum, many of whom visit their ‘living museum’, the Blists Hill Victorian Town which is spread over 52 acres.

Due to the expanse of the attraction, and the subtle Victorian frontages of the eating establishments, visitors were not instantly aware of where they could go to buy food and drink onsite.

We were hired to produce an informative and creative leaflet design which would sit well against the Victorian theme of the attraction, and encourage visitors to seek out the cafes and restaurants onsite.

Designing for Print
designing for print

Creative Leaflet Design

Rather than using a modern leaflet design, we took inspiration from the attraction and created a set of Victorian Postcards. The Capture Factory created one of these Victorian Postcards for each of the six different eating establishments onsite.

Each postcard provided the visitor with useful information about what type of refreshments they could buy from the establishment, and highlighted a special offer to encourage them to visit it.

The postcards were joined together, but featured a perforated fold so that visitors could detach the relevant postcard and present it to the cashier to claim their promotional offer.

Attractive Presentation

Any leaflet design will benefit from quality printing. The Capture Factory used a high quality card to further enhance the ‘postcard’ theme, and – once folded – bound the postcards with twine. Visitors responded well to this creative approach and there has been a good take up on the offers.

If you’re looking for creative leaflet design that will engage with your target audience, features a strong call to action, and evokes a response, then call us today!

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