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Lyme Communications is one of Staffordshire’s leading PR and copywriting consultancies. The business helps others to attract new customers, increase brand awareness and create a competitive advantage.

The company needed a dynamically driven website that could be updated simply and continuously with new blogging content. The Capture Factory designed the website using the CMS platform WordPress. We believe that WordPress is the best platform to allows users to create and publish content simply and easily.

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Lyme Communications Website

Designed to be Dynamic

Everything the company publishes will be driven directly into the home page’s layout as new boxes. All pages follow a tiled, masonry layout. The boxed design makes it clear users can take in information in the short snippets of information contained within these boxes.

Lyme Communications’ brand logo uses a lime green colour which we have replicated throughout the website within these dynamically driven boxes. We used complimentary colours as well such as purples and mints. The developed colour scheme has been used within the buttons and link colours as well.

Our Website Design

The website follows the theme of communication. All the images used within the pages are related to how people communicate e.g. newspapers and phones. We decided to combine this theme with a retro design. Although the tiled front page is modern, the images follow a retro style.

The website includes a Twitter Feed wish is updated regularly, and the home page features the news stream which will automatically update whenever a user publishes new content. Animation has been added to the boxes to make the website more interactive. For example, when you hover over a box the content inside zooms in. As well as this, the images have parallax on the rollover. These animations make the website more appealing to users and encourage them to click through the pages.

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