Our Recommended Tools for Social Media Marketing

What tools do we use?

We use a number of tools and channels when dealing with social media.

You can find The Capture Factory on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Behance. Sharing information on these social media channels encourages potential customers to get in contact with our company.

All these social media platforms are widely accessible, and are little to no cost. Most are easy to use, meaning anybody with access can operate the platform. However, different social networks have different types of audiences. Instead of posting onto these social media channels individually, we use Hootsuite which allows us to schedule what and when we post.

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Specific Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn allows us to connect to others in our industry in a professional manner. These connections can enhance our profile as the connections can make recommendations, or help to gather more interests.

Facebook has a wall where we can display our latest work, sharing photos and information about us as a company. We can add links into our website and tag our clients to get them (and us) recognition. We can accomplish this on the other social networks we use also.

Twitter allows us to microblog. Participation in conversation develops responses from our audience.

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Advantages vs Disadvantages

The main advantage of using a social media management tools such as Hootsuite, Social Mention and UberVu is that it saves time by the ability to manage all the tools from one central point.  However, the social media management tool also:

  • connects to numerous social media accounts for easy management
  • schedules posts at times for optimum viewing
  • provide robust analytics with access to web, Google and social analytics
  • shorten URLs

While social media management tools shorten the time spent on social media management, it is still necessary to spend a large amount of time on it. It also costs money. Even with the ‘free’ tools, money is spent on paying someone (either professional or in-house) to manage it all.

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