Photographing Food for Jenkinsons Caterers

Stimulating Photography

Photographing food can create an immediate and emotional response from the viewer. Food is one of the most stimulating subjects to photograph. At The Capture Factory we have the experience, equipment, and technical know-how to ensure your customers react positively to images of your food.

Images are key to a business because it shows the standard of what you offer.

Most people don’t fully appreciate the quality at which you need to be photographing food. We understand that photographs are one of the strongest ways to intrigue your clients and give them a taste of what you offer. Therefore, these images have to stand out. We are always aiming for a “yum” rather than “yak” response!

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photographing food

Demonstrate what you can do

If you’ve spent time, energy and money making sure your food looks and tastes the best, it makes sense to maximise the impact of this. Photographing food is the key way to have your work seen.

Presentation is essential to entice a client. The Capture Factory ensures every photograph is detailed and focused, we always present your work at its best. We make certain we get the perfect shot, and always aim to show the personality of your business through these breathtaking photographs.

The simple process of photographing food

The affair is straightforward and simple: a photographer from The Capture Factory arrives on site with a camera, and any other necessary equipment. They will then photograph food based on what you want to achieve.

The team here at The Capture Factory are happy to visit your premises out of business hours to minimise any disruption to your business. We work together to achieve the best results that are perfect for you.

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photographing food
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Jenkinsons Caterers

Jenkinsons Caterers is one of our larger clients. We provide many services for them including: web design, print, and food photography.

Photographing food plays a huge role in their business as it demonstrates the professional service that they offer. The photography that The Capture Factory provides helps to entice the clients and attract a great deal of attention. These photographs have a big impact on their website, showing off their outstanding catering skills. Take a look at their website below…

Jenkinsons Caterers Website

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