Professional Photography

Mesmerise your customers with professional photography. Creative imagery that tells your story.
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Food Photography

If you’ve spent time and money on perfecting the quality of your food then you want it to look great. Our photographers make sure they get the best shot.

Food is one of the most stimulating subjects to photograph. Images of food elicit an immediate and often emotional response from the viewer. Many people don’t fully understand the quality at which images of food needs to be photographed. For example, if a dish includes a sauce then this must be added seconds before the image is taken, producing the perfect look for the image. No one wants to see hardened, sloppy food!

We have the experience, the equipment and the technical know-how to ensure your customers react positively to images of your food. Putting it simply: we’re aiming for “yum” rather than “yak”!

Jenkinsons Caterers

Studio Photography

A person’s attention can be grabbed quickly by using an image. We can help you communicate your story with electrifying imagery.

Pictures gain a lot more recognition on a webpage than words. It’s easier to take in the site when the text has been split up with images; they give the reader a break from reading. The photography The Capture Factory produces helps to entice clients and attract a great deal of attention.

We’ve worked with models against a green screen to create bespoke imagery for customer websites; we’ve shot professional staff portraits and staged prop laden photoshoots in our professional photography studio. Whatever your needs, we offer professional photography within our studio in Leek.

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Location Shoots

Let your customers see you in action!

We are always glad to visit your workplace and capture some great images of you doing what you do best. Our photographers are happy to visit your premises outside of business hours to minimise any disruption to your company’s daily routine. We work together to achieve the best results that are perfect for you.

Professional photography of locations are a fantastic way to build on your relationship with your customers. It helps to reinforce the message that your business is made up of real people that are ready and willing to help.

Professional photography plays a huge role in any business as it demonstrates the professional service they offer. Show your customers why they should choose you.

Steelite International

Product Photography

Clean, slick, crisp, well-lit images of your products will go a long way towards creating desire for them.

If your customers can clearly see what you’re selling, preferably from a number of angles and perspectives, they’ll have more confidence to buy what you’re selling. Using great quality photographs on your website and across all your social media platforms will let your customers know you are a professional business with fantastic products.

The Capture Factory ensures every photograph is detailed and focused, we always present your work at its best. These photos can be used without the implications of copyright laws, giving you peace of mind.

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Interior Photography

Great interiors deserve to be photographed.

Your customers are more interested in seeing a colourful picture rather than a paragraph of text. Let them view the inside of your premises with professional photography that showcases your business at its best. These creative photographs lets your potential customers see what you have to offer. We make sure that your interior look amazing, come rain or shine.

We love to shoot great images, especially when we have great interiors to photograph. If you have a great interior, let us shoot it for you!

If you’re looking for imagery that’s more interactive and lets your viewer roam around your premises, take a look at our Google Business View service.

Google Business View