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Bespoke Design

The website design visual for Purple Cow Training was produced and provided to us by Strategi Solutions. Generally, The Capture Factory use our own experienced designer, but the client liked the bold approach Strategi took which looked incredible on paper. However, to implement the beautiful design into a website that responds on all screen sizes, it would require a lot of development time.

To keep the costs low, we had to remove certain elements of the design that would cause pain when coding. We tried to keep a lot of the original design exactly as it was but, because of the responsive nature of the web, the design had to change slightly to ensure the website continued to look perfect across all devices.

Purple Cow Website

Unique Development

The unique menu took time to develop. Out of the box, WordPress provides users with a clean, white menu. But this did not fit in with the design. The plugin we used to create the large, multimedia menu had many options. Our team learnt how to implement, edit and check the responsive nature of the menu. The powerful tool allowed us to create a header filled with colours and images that worked well on both desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Another aspect of the design that challenged us at The Capture Factory was gradient coloured text. We’ve never come across this in web design before; although it does make the page look incredibly sophisticated. After much research and testing, we produced a Class that allowed our clients to easily use gradient coloured text.

The buttons were also bespoke to this website. The standard design includes text with a surrounding border/background. Purple Cow wished to be unique with a circular icon with text to the right. Again, this suited the design and added an extra pizzazz to the webpage.

If you would like to read more on website design in Staffordshire, please read more on our blog below.

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Custom Code

The largest cost of creating this website was integrating the courses in a way that allows them to be updated easily, filtered, ordered, and show specific pieces of information in a dynamic table. Because no plugin could achieve what Purple Cow needed, we had to develop this specifically with custom code.

The blog includes a lot of custom CSS. The search bar at the top of the page was requested as users may want to search through Purple Cow’s news. This had to be specifically developed as WordPress does not offer this function normally.

The blog is dynamically populated using Posts. The image is fed with a Featured Image. Our developer had to code the tilt into the photo and frame. The background also needed to swap depending on the page’s layout so that the design went from purple to wood.

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