Redhill Primary School

A brighter future!

Redhill is a newly built primary school on the edge of Cannock Chase in Staffordshire. The school has a team of well-motivated & dedicated staff who make a difference to young people’s lives.

Redhill decided that they needed to take a new approach to school websites. We all agreed that the typical school website is not very exciting, and they tend to stick to ideas of the past. For example, schools believe websites should be made to be ‘child-friendly’ therefore decide to use bright, bold colours and comic sans font. We found that most school websites don’t have the functionality that WordPress offers, so they haven’t got what to takes to be constantly up-to-date with their news.

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WordPress offers schools the chance to publish blogs (or latest news) to keep parents informed with the goings on of the school. No need for letters to be sent home. No need for regular text messages. A fully functional website will allow schools to explain what goes on at the school via the web.

Redhill also decided to have an Indoor Street View created. This 360 virtual tour would allow parents to take a look at the school, without having to organise a visit. The tour appears on the Google Card (the information box on the right hand side of a Google Search) with a ‘See Inside’ button.

We’re happy to say that Redhill Primary School are using their website well and are continually updating it with news and events that are happening.

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