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With Sound Solutions Entertainment we decided to take a big, bold approach to their website design. The wedding entertainment industry is difficult to stand out from so it was important for Sound Solutions to achieve the right look and feel to their brand and online presence.

In an industry which could look slightly unprofessional, The Capture Factory’s design needed to make Sound Solutions polished and practised. It was also important to create the right balance between DJ service, venue lighting, dance floor hire and light up letters. By combining all their services into one website they were able to market their company as the full wedding package.

The finished website makes the company look professional yet friendly. The design incorporates the use of a fixed header, parallax sections, bold colours, big graphics and boxed layout. Take a look at the website by clicking the button below:

Website Design
Sound Solutions Website

Company Logo Design

Sound Solutions Logo

While creating the website, Sound Solutions also needed a company logo to showcase their brand. Our designer, Rhys, decided to use a combination of both text and image to form the basic logo.

The finished logo resembles a perfect waveform, allowing the viewers to associate the graphic with the sound of music. The waveform has been duplicated to echo the 2 ‘s’ in Sound Solutions. Text has been added above and below the logo to ensure their audience will remember the business name as well as their company logo.

Once the basic idea had been constructed, more detail was added to enhance the overall appearance. For instance, the ends of the waveform were lifted to give depth to the icon and a shadow was added to convey extra dimension. The waveform was then squared off which allows the logo to become very versatile, so it can fit into any space.

Branding your Business

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