The Capture Factory: Digital Agency Staffordshire Web Design

Digital Agency Staffordshire Web Design

At The Capture Factory, digital agency Staffordshire, web design is one of our biggest selling points. We look after our clients, and make sure there is teamwork between us and them. It is important that you get exactly what you are looking for.

The Capture Factory provides a multitude of business options to ensure that we cover every aspect of your business: branding, online presence, photography, content creation and design, SEO and digital services, and print. In Staffordshire web design is important to us because we are working to help local business reach their potential in a competitive market.

Digital agency Staffordshire web design is very important and has the power to transform a small business to a big business. Because of the expanding technology we are able to access today, websites are a main priority for businesses to get themselves seen and heard of. You don’t need to be the biggest business in order to get the most out of your website. At The Capture Factory, we can create something that looks professional and works seamlessly, attracting your business many customers .

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If done well, Staffordshire web design can (even for smaller companies) be the starting point to grow the business.

Our new clients, Rise Bespoke Food, were looking to create a website to drive clients to their services and spread their content. They wanted a website that demonstrated skill, and showed what high quality they can provide. The Capture Factory worked with them to create a website that showed the company’s personality and professionalism. Our digital agency Staffordshire is based in Leek and close to a number of places including Macclesfield, Ashbourn, Cheadle and Buxton.

Rise Bespoke Food
digital agency staffordshire web design
digital agency staffordshire web design

Digital Agency Staffordshire

Sound Solutions are another one of our clients that wanted to re-brand their business, thus creating a whole new look. Their aim wasn’t to get publicity as they were already receiving clients and business, but they wanted to grow the business and be seen. The way to do this was to re-design, making them look more modern and professional, therefore more appealing to potential customers. The Capture Factory worked with them to create a website that stands out, with vibrant colours and demonstrates what excellent service they offer.

Sound Solutions

Staffordshire Web Design

Jasmine Cottage wanted to show off their business premises and demonstrate what they can offer and provide for guests who want to stay. The Capture Factory provided the website for them, as well as a lot of photography that clearly displayed their business. On their website, they requested a service that allowed guests to book online – this was a key selling point for them – so that’s what we did. The website works perfectly, and Jasmine Cottage were extremely impressed with our photography. They now have a Google Business Tour which was shot by our Google Certified Trusted Photographer, Richard Dodd.

Jasmine Cottage
digital agency staffordshire web design

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