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Any business operating more than one website will benefit from WordPress Multisite.

We love working with Ensarb Estates Limited. They are a successful family-business who run a small group of award-winning wedding venues including The Ashes and Pendrell Hall, both located in Staffordshire.

Having designed and built both The Ashes and Pendrell Hall’s websites, and developed them over the years, we recognised that it was time to exploit the benefits of WordPress Multisite for this growing business.

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Websites and Online Presence

This short introduction to the benefits of WordPress Multisite was enough to convince the Managing Director of Ensarb Estates, and we haven’t looked back since.

1. Quick Access To Your Websites

WordPress Multisite gives you convenient and quick access to several websites. With one username and password, authors and site administrators can access all of their sites with a single drop down menu in the WordPress admin bar.

2. Shared Plugins

Another major benefit of WordPress Multisite is access to shared plugins. Once enabled, Multisite allows you to distribute plugins to all of your websites at once, or choose to individually install them as needed.

Even better, when you update a plugin from the Network Admin Dashboard, the updates are applied to all of your sites. This is a huge time saver.

3. Shared Themes

Shared themes are another major benefit of using WordPress Multisite. Like plugins, themes can be automatically distributed to all of your sites. Despite sharing a theme, you’ll have the ability to choose different layouts and colour schemes, allowing you to differentiate between sites.

If desired, you can easily run totally different themes, or a unified theme across all of your sites.

4. Shared Users

One of the frustrations associated with running multiple separate websites is the need to manually duplicate users across each site.

With WordPress Multisite, you create each user once, then grant them permission to each site that they need access to. Users can be given access to one site, just a few, or all of them with ease. Permission levels can also vary.

5. Advanced Settings

With Multisite, you gain access to a number of advanced settings and configurations that let you make quick adjustments to each of your websites.

This panel, which is unique to WordPress Multisite, lets you see everything from one place.

6. Upgrade Once

One of the major benefits of running a single WordPress across all of your websites is that you only need to run updates to the newest version of WordPress once, all of your websites upgrade at the same time.

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