Website Design for Broadstaff Construction

Great Website Design

Broadstaff’s full screen website design reflects their company branding. From the colours to the animation, the overall appearance of the website was designed to enhance their business. We wanted the website to look good and work well. The website is totally responsive, meaning it works across all mobile devices. Whatever device you view the website on, the web design will respond.

Broadstaff had a vast amount of good quality photos, so we decided to base their web design around a visual layout. Their full screen homepage slider immediately shows off the great quality builds that Broadstaff designs and creates. Touches of animation were included to bring attention to the text.

Broadstaff’s Website
Broadstaff Construction Website Design

Clean & Concise Construction Website Design

The semi-transparent menu is layered on top of the slider, giving depth to the site. It is fixed to the top so that when users scroll, the menu is stays on screen allowing users to easily navigate through the site.

As users scroll down the homepage the text slides into place, presenting the information in bite size pieces.

Large images are used to encourage users to look through Broadstaff’s projects. We’ve added animation that appears over these photo to fade out the image and provide the name of the case study. The flexible framework allows any design, including this combination of design and images. The homepage is also dynamic and is automatically updated with news from the Projects page as well as Twitter.

Boradstaff’s Website Process

Code blurring is used to fade out the background image so text is visible. Parallax has also been used to give depth and layer the the page.

Our chosen platform offers password protected areas which Broadstaff is developing for a Press Area. The protected pages are available for a certain audience and cannot be viewed by public domain.

The best aspect of the website it its capability to be edited inhouse, without the need for a developer. Broadstaff have the ability to change their website content quickly and easily with WordPress.

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