10 Step Website Design Process

Website Design Process
Website Design Process


You will need to provide us with content (images and text) and a sitemap before starting the project.

Need Content?
  • Get in Touch

    Email us via our contact from or give us a call and talk to one of our team.

  • Complete Checklist

    Fill out our online form to answer a couple of questions about your project. The questionnaire gives us an idea about what you need from us.

  • Schedule a Meeting

    We can arrange to meet at a suitable time and venue; whether it’s at your place of work, our office or elsewhere.

  • Discussion

    In the meeting we will discuss your business needs. We will review the checklist you previously completed and explore the roots you could take.

  • Receive a Quote

    We will review your project and get back to you with an idea of how much the website will cost. Once the price is agreed a 50% deposit will be paid before we begin.

  • Website Design

    Our designer will develop a visual for you to see your website design. Once agreed, the website development can progress.

  • Website Development

    Your website will be set up and built on a development area where it can be viewed online but is not visible to search engines. We create responsive Templates which are used to form the website’s layout.

  • Training

    During the development process we will train you on how to use your website.

  • Review

    A review of the content is needed to make sure you are happy with the text and images in the website.

  • Publish

    One last look over the website to make sure everything is finalised and the site can go live!

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