Website Design Trends 2018

Many websites are stripping down the design and layout to let content shine through. Web designers are aiming for the minimalist approach to ensure their websites look clean and polished. This visually appealing method of design encourages the users to scroll through the page. It also helps to emphasise the content within the page.

Websites are going back to basics.

Take a look at the list below to find out the most popular website design trends of 2017 with examples from our very own website design projects.

Website Design Trends

Website Design Trends

Colour & Typeface

Many websites are moving towards a big and bold layout. Brighter colours and larger text give a powerful visual medium. It’s essential to use suitable shades because colour can influence a visitor’s emotions. Using vivid colours and prominent text attracts the customer’s attention.

Designers seem to be using a larger amount of high contrast colours, white space, over-saturation, vibrant hues and a resurgence in the use of gradients.

Pyramis Purchasing Ltd


Using all-caps for menus is becoming a popular design on websites. It clearly defines the superiority of the text and helps the user to understand where the links are on the page. It’s clean, crisp, and professional. The style generally follows the rules of: all caps, small lettering, sans-serif fonts, extra horizontal spacing, white or very light hue.

Howle Communications
Website Design Trends
Website Design Trends

Animations & GIFs

There appears to be an increased use of animations and GIFs within modern websites. The main focus of websites is the animation which, not only gives great visuals, but is fun and interactive. Using different shapes, sizes and styles is more dominant than a plain, static image.

It should be noted that this type of design should only be used sparingly to enhance the user’s experience and not detract from it.

Caro Hairstyles


More time is now being spent on these hovers, animations and scrolling affects. The creative design encourages interaction. Although these things are minimalistic, the slight changes are a huge part of the user’s experience.

Broadstaff Construction
Website Design Trends
Website Design Trends


Bespoke illustrations, handwritten font, icons, graphics and buttons can all be created with a unique style. These handwritten graphics are full of personality and make your business appear approachable and friendly.

Higgins Plumbing

Authentic Photography

Stock photography shows no personalisation. The photography may be good quality, but businesses are finding that relevant images that show the actual company get a better response. More companies are hiring professional photographers to capture their business at its best.

Redhill Primary School
Website Design Trends
Website Design Trends


A moving image on a page instantly captures the user’s attention. Videos are much better than flat and motionless images.

4 Paws


The dynamic use of grids allows a website to be easily laid out, and easy to navigate. The simplistic grid layout can be developed to make it look appealing and a number of micro-interactions can be added. Grids are a fantastic for almost everything.

Bright Canary
Website Design Trends
Website Design Trends

Innovative Scrolling and Parallax

We believe flat designs are out-of-date. Websites all began to look the same, but with these new abilities designers could break the mould and develop more creative, interactive websites. The imaginative designs give a 3D effect and untimely make the viewer interact further with the website.

Traditional websites made sure to include a lot of information before ‘the fold’. This ‘fold’ was where the web page was cut off because of the desktop size. With innovative scrolling, these ‘folds’ were harder to define, making the user’s continue to scroll throughout the page.

Jasmine & Post Office Cottage

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