What is Social Media? (Part 2)

What is Social Media

People can use social media to access almost anything about your business. Whether you have published something, or someone else has posted it, the answer is almost inevitably there. That’s why it is important to know “what is social media?”

Social media can play a big role in getting your business seen and heard of. On any social media platform you can create an account specifically for your business and market yourself in any way.

We work on using every available aspect. Facebook and Twitter are largely flexible and allow us to post 360 tours, instant articles, images, and embed links. We work hard to make sure our social media accounts are constantly active to build our following and hopefully entice new clients.

At The Capture Factory we think it’s very important to know “what is social media” and stay constantly active and up to date with it. Doing this increases your connectivity as your clients are aware that you’re an active website.

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Pinterest is very similar to Instagram in terms of format; it is a place to create ‘boards’ of images which you can target to specific audiences. There are currently over 100 million active users. This is the perfect place to highlight specific services and expand your reach to different types of people and businesses. Like any other social media, it increases the branding for your business and can be used to drive traffic.

The Capture Factory: Pinterest


LinkedIn is a very popular business site which allows you to list your business and showcase your knowledge; there are around 300 billion users. It is primarily used to attract clients to your business and let them know more about you. LinkedIn is a very formal website that allows a target audience to get accurate answers about your services.

The Capture Factory: LinkedIn
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Google+ is a more formal type of social media that allows you to create a clear brand for your business and create a following. There are currently 300 million active users that can follow your account and find your business. It can of course create traffic to your website as Google index everything that you post which increases your appearance on Google. Google+ creates a direct connection for you and your clients.

The Capture Factory: Google+

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