What is Social Media? (Part 1)

What is social media

In the last few years, social media has almost taken over the internet because of the increase in connectivity; but some people still ask “what is social media?” Social media can be used to do almost anything: advertise, publish, branding, marketing, news, expand and – most importantly – communicate.

It is important to know “what is social media” in order to keep up with multiple generations and be able to communicate effectively.

At The Capture Factory, we work hard to make sure our social media accounts are constantly active to build our following and hopefully entice new clients. Our most active platforms are Twitter, Instagram and Facebook which we are able to publish any news and content on. We use Hootsuite to have constant feeds to all of our social media accounts.

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Facebook for business has great ability to get your business known and have it exposed to the world. Currently there are 1.59 billion monthly active users that can access the information to your business. A primary use for Facebook for business is advertising, and campaigns which of course lead to exposure; it’s a great way to create a following. Facebook also creates a window to direct traffic straight to your website.

The Capture Factory: Facebook


Twitter for business is great for engagement. On average there are 313 million monthly active users who can access your promotions. Twitter is a good way to build traffic to your website and also create a social communication with your clients. It is very much an informal platform which can be used to make general communication with clients, and demonstrate that you’re an active company.

The Capture Factory: Twitter
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Instagram is a newer form of social media which works purely with image and video. It is a sharing platform that allows a more aesthetic appeal. There are currently over 150 million monthly active users. Instagram works well to increase awareness for your business, as this provides a visual stimulus it offers a more memorable brand and engages your clients. Instagram can make a significant difference in terms of branding; it makes your business known. Instagram is the place to showcase what you do specifically, and demonstrate different perspectives of your work and what you do.

The Capture Factory: Instagram

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